National Gumbo Day October 12

October 12th. is National Gumbo Day! Gumbo is top-notch stew-like dish that started in Louisiana. The name originates from an African word for okra, which is the key fixing utilized for thickening. 

Like Louisiana itself, gumbo is an amalgamation of many societies. Components of the formula can be connected to West African, Choctaw, and French cooking. Accordingly, there are numerous varieties of gumbo and right up 'til today gourmet specialists contend over the genuine formula. The main recorded reference to gumbo shows up in a 1803 report, which depicts the menu at a gubernatorial gathering in New Orleans. 

Make the most of Louisiana's most well-known dish served over darker or white rice, and observe National Gumbo Day!

Comment what's your most loved place to appreciate a scrumptious Gumbo in your area?

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12 Oct 2017

By Mark Thompson