Israel-Based Burger Chain "Burgerim" is going on a massive expansion, and it includes Katy area

Burgerim is planning to open 105 stores in the near future including 44 in California, 24 in Texas, 23 in Florida, 1 in New York, 1in Georgia, 1 in Maryland, 1 in Nevada, 1 in Virginia, 1in Missouri, 1 in North Carolina, 1 Ohio, 4 in Tennessee and 2 in Connecticut.

The first Texas Burgerim opened in December last year and it is located at The Boardwalk at Town Lake in Cypress, Texas. There are two locations open in the Houston area, the other one is the Lake Houston area.

As of November, Burgerim has secured 10 new locations in the Houston Metro area. (2 in Tomball, 1 in Pasadena, 1in Missouri City, 1 in Baytown, 2 in Houston, 1 in Richmond, 1in Rosenberg, and 1in Spring)

What Burgerim means? 
Burgerim translates to “many burgers” in Hebrew.

What’s all about?
Burgerim offers mini burgers, NOT sliders. The mini burgers are made with 2.8 oz. patties (larger than a typical slider) and have custom sesame-seed, brioche-like buns. The other two buns options are Gluten Free and Whole Wheat. There are 10 types of patties including beef, Wagyu, merguez, lamb, salmon and a vegetarian option. Some of the optional toppings are Bleu cheese, sautéed mushrooms, avocado and a fried egg to name a few. 

Your burger order options are “Uno” (one perfect burger). “Duo” (two tasty burgers), “Trio” (three tempting burgers) and a 16 Party Box.

What else they served? 
Sandwiches (Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Ribeye, and Crispy Chicken).
Chicken Wings, Crispy Chicken Strips, Salads, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings.
Desserts:  Flourless Chocolate Cake - Gluten Free, New York Cheesecake.

About Chef/Owner.
Burgerim's founder is a lady named Donna Tuchner. An Israeli local, she went to culinary school in New York, at that point came back to Israel to open the main Burgerim in Tel Aviv, which is still there today. Burgerim's present proprietor and president Oren Loni saw the eatery's one of a kind approach, saw colossal potential, at that point acquired Burgerim's name and rights and started to conclusively scale the business by franchising all over Israel and beyond.

Favorite Menu Items The veggie patty isn’t just an afterthought for the meatless set. It’s made with green lentils, carrots, onion, tofu, and breadcrumbs for binding.
The Lamb burger. Burgerim's unmistakable patties are very much prepared and tasty.

Wow Me: Basic, free toppings available for each mini burger include lettuce, onion, tomato and house sauce. Any additional toppings are $.50 extra.

What to drink? Beer and Wine will be served at most locations. Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser is also available.

Locations: Type Burgerim on the search box to populate all the coming soon locations near you. 


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15 Nov 2017

By Publisher