Buc-ee’s Car Wash in Katy, Texas Made It To The Guinness World Records

Today authorities with the Guinness World Records will perceive the Buc-ee's car wash in Katy Texas as the longest car wash on the planet. 

The record is based on market research carried out by Brink Results, LLC, verified on September 14th. 2017

The 225-foot (77.72 m) car wash is almost as big as a football field. To praise, clients will get a free car wash on Thursday, November 16th. just at the area off the Katy Freeway at Cane Island Parkway. 

The Texas Size car wash is open daily from 7 a.m to 8 p.m.

Another Guiness World Record in Katy, Texas is held by Janet Steves for the largest collection of Mickey Mouse memorabilia consisting of 10,210 items. The record was verified on Februrary 2nd. 2016

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15 Nov 2017