Asian Inspired Coffee & Tea Shop "7 Leaves Cafe" From California To Come To Houston

7 Leaves Cafe is planning to expand outside California and the company has their eyes in Houston, Texas. 

The first 7 Leaves Cafe open in Little Saigon in California in 2012. Today, the company possess 10 locations plus one opening in Artesia, California.

Over the years 7 Leaves Cafe has become popular for its milk teas and its coffees. The most popular teas are the Mung Beach Milk Tea and Thai Iced Tea and the most famous coffee is the House Special Coffee, which is a traditional Vietnamese coffee with a nutty and smooth flavor.

To ensure the quality, 7 Leaves has a simple menu of 16 drinks and are made the best and freshest ingredients and no artificial flavors. As food concerns, they only offer pastries including sweet macarons and strawberry croissants.

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16 Aug 2017

By Publisher